Test-To-Go Berlin

Protection levels of the Berlin Protection Test Concept

The protection levels are based in their classification on the paper “Perspective Strategy Berlin/Draft Cluster Level Plan” (draft as of 21.02.2021) and the opening steps of the MPK resolution of 03.03.2021. The protection levels with their test concept follow the opening according to the opening steps and are not the justification of the opening.

The test management of the present protection test concept supplements the prescribed hygiene and protection measures, it cannot replace them.


Protection level 0: Voluntary testing

For personal protection, protection of one’s own family and one’s own environment, everyone who is in Berlin is encouraged to test themselves at regular intervals with self-tests that can be purchased or are provided free of charge according to their own needs. In the event of a positive self-test, each:r must go into self-isolation and be tested at a testing site or center without further detection.

In addition to the self-administered tests, every resident of Berlin has the opportunity, in accordance with the MPK resolutions of 03.03.2021, to be tested once a week free of charge at one of the official Berlin test centers with a PoC rapid test and to receive a confirmation.

Protection level 1A:Facilities / place with low residence time for the supply of the population with goods for daily needs.

Examples: Supermarkets, shopping malls, retail stores, bookstores, flower stores and garden and weekly markets.

Test concept: No tests required as access prerequisite according to MPK decision

Protection level 1 B:Facilities/locations with service operations close to the body, as well as driving and flying schools, where – as in the case of cosmetics or shaving – a mask cannot be worn permanently

Examples: Beauty salons, driving and flying schools when masks cannot be worn permanently on site.

Test concept:

  • Staff: Test concept must be available (at least 1 x test per week)

  • Customers: daily Covid-19 rapid test with detection or self-test on site

Protection level 1 C: Retail facilities/place (outside daily needs), museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens, memorials, and outdoor sports including. Outdoor sports facilities

Test concept: The MPK resolutions do not currently provide for any tests.

Protection level 2: Facilities/locations with regular, long stays of one and the same person for the purpose of work,span, strong,  training or study

Examples: Workplace, daycare centers, schools, universities

Test concept:

The SenBJF and SenGPG have agreed on a plan to test the opening of schools and daycare centers across the country, and this plan is already being implemented. In view of the MPK resolutions of 03.03.2021, no changes need to be made; in Berlin, instead of 1 x as required by the MPK, testing will take place 2x per week.

  • Rapid/self-testing at prescribed intervals (e.g., every 2 days).

  • Reporting of a positive self-test to the facility with a simultaneous commitment to self-retest at a testing center

Discussions on the subject of testing in companies between the federal government and industry are currently underway.


Protection level 3: Places for prolonged stay for the purpose of personal meeting (from 22.3.2021 at the earliest)

Examples: outdoor restaurants, theaters, concert halls, opera houses, movie theaters, indoor non-contact sports, outdoor contact sports.

Protection level 3A: 7-day incidence stable or declining incidence of less than 100 new infections statewide or regionally for 14 days after the third opening step takes effect

Test concept:

  • Mandatory submission of a PoC test certificate to a supervisor or visit to a test-to-go station immediately upstream of the facility/location. In the case of outdoor catering, only if several households are seated at one table.

Protection level 3B: 7-day incidence stable statewide or regionally for 14 days after the third opening step takes effect, with less than 50 new infections. If the 7-day incidence rises above 50 new infections for three consecutive days, protection level 3A applies.

Test concept: No test planned

Pilot projects on openings in the area of cultural and sports facilities are possible and are currently being planned.


Protection level 4: Facilities and places of special protection

Examples: Nursing homes, hospitals, inclusion care facilities, etc.

Test concept:

For all facilities and locations that are particularly worthy of protection due to the high risk of infection on site, individual testing concepts are to be drawn up by SenGPG or the health department of the responsible district and their implementation is to be monitored.